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Employee Testimonials

In the 25 years BMSS has been in operation, we have only had seven employees leave BMSS to work for another local CPA firm.  Typically their stay at other firms is less than two years. The average tenure of our current employees is nine years.  We think that speaks volumes about our firm.

What is it like to work at BMSS? Read about it in their own words. We survey employees annually to receive feedback and provide numerous outlets for anonymous employee suggestions.


“The leaders of the organization spend quality time to seek the opinions of employees from all levels of the organization. They have regular meetings to make sure the firm as a whole is staying on mission and working towards the same goals. I have always felt that they invested the time to make me feel important as an individual.”
– Employee since 2000

“BMSS raises the bar every year with first-class benefits and perks for all of its employees and is truly a trend setter for public accounting firms. The organization and culture that BMSS has created makes me feel very blessed to be able to work here.”
– Employee since 2009

“Taking care of people is what BMSS is all about.  Work-life balance, flexibility, service to the community – it is simply the only place to work – in Alabama or anywhere.”
– Employee since 2005 

“Our leadership team recognizes that their employees are the firm’s best asset and involve them directly in strategic plans for the firm’s future.” 
– Employee since 2004 

“The most advantageous thing that BMSS offers for employees is being able to adapt to individual needs. A lot of workplaces have the idea that one thing will work for everyone.”
– Employee since 2001 

“The work-life balance, service to the community, and benefits such as massages during busy season and getting every other Friday off during the summer go a long way towards making BMSS a great place to work, but the people are what makes BMSS the BEST place to work. I truly believe that the environment at BMSS is unrivaled in the accounting industry.”
– Employee since 2009

“If I could choose between being the biggest firm or the best place to work – I’d want to be the best place to work.”
– Don Murphy, BMSS Managing Member